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Adrian grew up on comics - early on he had been bought British comics from newsagents as treats – mainly the Disney comic and other younger reader titles, Enid Blyton’s Adventure Magazine (featuring some lovely John Ridgeway artwork), and Transformers… which was what obviously appealed the most to him the most and became his first regular collected title.
His older brothers both collected US comics, and he’d sneak into their rooms to read all about the X-Men, Justice League, Titans, Spider-man.
Adrian has worked in comic shops over the years and seen all the frustrations involved. Taking a career in network and computer infrastructure, website hosting and systems architecture, he’s combined the two knowledge areas to try to make a difference to the comics industry, collectors and sellers alike.

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Distribution Swami and IT Ignoramus

Greg has spent over 20 years in distribution and process management. Together with Adrian’s older brother he ran a comic shop (Avatar/Guildford Games and Comics) in Surrey during the 90’s.
Now, over 20 years later he has been compelled to re-enter the deadly arena of comics. Like Ripley in Aliens, he undertakes this mission not entirely willingly, but in an attempt to protect those foolish enough to follow Adrian into the abyss…




A lifetime comic fan, starting with Starlord and 2000AD in the 1970's, through to establishing and running Avatar Comics/Guildford Games and Comics in the 90's to the 00's.
A well rounded career within IT has put Dave in the position to work closely with Adrian to deliver new business and systems that the comic industry deserves. Dave has aggregated a technical background with his extensive management and directorial experience giving him in a unique perspective which has been crucial in establishing the company's long and short term vision, helping to action Comic Toolbox's development, direction, image, operational policies and initiatives.




Self confessed geek and gamer (go Everquest) with a passion for software development. Steve got on board with CTB through his passion for development and keen desire to keep learning even outside of office hours.

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Outside of work, Darren is a retro gamer, bass player, cat lover and father of Lily. A long time comic collector, so he know the struggles of collecting, sourcing missing issues, managing space and trying to find the time to read all the material he has purchased!

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Data Officer

Database guru, knows his inner from his outer joins, primary keys from his indexes, and reads copious amounts of sci-fi and fantasy.

Dragged into it by Adrian to help pick apart the crazy world of comics data and make it easy for customers to get what they need from the site.