Newspaper Comic


We’ve been comic collectors for years and have been building these systems over the last few of years, with the assistance of some loyal standing order subscription customers who have tried out our crazy ideas whilst we’ve developed and built on the standard concepts of the way to subscribe to standard monthly comics.

We also had a desire to help physical stores - we think these are essential to the comic industry, and want to help them thrive. Applying the learnings from our online subscriptions service, we've created a suite of tools currently being offered to shops around the UK.

Finally, there is an untapped vein of stories out there in the mind of creators that don't have or don't want publishers, currently using whatever means they can to get their work out there - crowd funding, convention appearances, etc. We believe that there is potential here to invigorate the industry, and are here to generate a new route to market for those creators, and bring works to readers that they'd never normally experience.