Comic Toolbox have been quietly researching and developing over the last few years - creating a suite of software to enhance the comic industry.

We aim to increase sales in comic shops via existing suppliers, bring awareness of more products to existing comic readers and facilitate the link from creators to their readers in innovative new ways.

We are now launching the first products to shops round the UK, and are managing the release of our first creator-owned title - To The Death, with Simon Furman and Geoff Senior.

Comic Books
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Tools to aid local shops increase sales, visibility and help their customers

If you run a bricks and mortar store - we want to help you increase your sales! Get in touch.

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New methods for creators to get their works to their fans

An innovative new way for creators that would use crowdfunding systems to release their products


Revolutionary Subs Service

For readers that don't have a local shop, we run Get My Comics - featuring amazing features and enhanced data, crossover subscriptions and creator following



0330 001 7705


0330 001 7705

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